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Read Capri’s Latest in Medium: Food as a Tool of Resistance & Oppression Throughout American History

Friends, Check out my article in Medium about food as a tool of resistance and oppression throughout American History. I decided to explore this after reading…

Capri Joins Heritage Radio Network as Host of a New Show on Midwestern Foodways

Coming soon, from Heritage Radio Network. Eat Your Heartland Out is a series dedicated to highlighting the rich, yet often overlooked, culinary depth of the American…

Capri’s Midnight Snack Segment Returns to Fox 5 DC

Capri joins The Final Five on Fox 5 DC for a holiday edition Midnight Snack

Capri Returns to Good Morning Washington on WJLA

Watch Capri share a variety of time saving pie recipes that are guaranteed to be Thanksgiving show stoppers.

Capri’s Latest for Food Network: Made In America Candy

Capri presents a variety of Made In the USA candies just in time for Halloween

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