Eat Your Heartland Out

Eat Your Heartland Out is a series dedicated to highlighting the rich, yet often overlooked, culinary depth of the American Midwest. Food is the storyteller while host Capri S. Cafaro serves as your audio tour guide through this region spanning 12 states. The show aims to weave a tapestry of cultural diversity, immigration history, migration patterns and agricultural variations in each episode. Expect to gain new insights about Midwestern foodways through compelling interviews with historians, authors, chefs and makers; each of whom brings a unique perspective on the Midwest’s culinary story.


Produced by Heritage Radio Network, Eat Your Heartland Out is also now distributed on PRX, the Public Radio exchange, an entity that provides content to public radio affiliates across the United States. The show currently airs on select NPR affiliates in the Midwest region. The series also airs on SiriusXM, Rural Radio Channel 147.