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America the Bountiful

So much of food television today focuses its lens on celebrity chefs and big city restaurants. Our series shine a spotlight on the vibrant, untold food stories hidden in rural and small-town America. We open a pandoras box of forgotten layers of history that the bounty of our land provides. In AMERICA THE BOUNTIFUL, international TV personality, cookbook author, culinary radio podcast host Capri Cafaro travels America’s heartland to explore the personal, emotionally moving chronicles of farmers, artisans, restauranteurs and home cooks through the fare that they grow, produce and eat.
The Heartland- not just flyover country anymore – is a rich cornucopia of cultures inspiring surprisingly diverse flavors on plates across the nation. Old World heritage thrives along side new immigrants who bring their own food traditions to enrich the nation’s culinary melting pot. Meet the storytellers – farmers, makers, chefs and activists – who use the art of food and nourishment to enlighten us in our discovery of just what makes America The Bountiful.


Capri has extensive on air experience, ranging from co-hosting cable news programs to live cooking segments. Check out her reels to see her in action.

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Where It All Began: Humble Pie The Blog

Back in 2013, Capri started a blog to share recipes and tidbits all about pies.  Here is that blog where you can find years of recipes…

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