“United We Eat” in Evening Standard: Highlighting the power and importance of food

“If there was ever a cookbook that highlighted the power and importance of food, it would be this one,” wrote Evening Standard about my cookbook United We Eat: 50 Great American Dishes to Bring Us All Together. It’s a joy to celebrate our nation’s birthday through the lens of our diverse and historically inspired cuisine! ⁠

“Whilst things like hot dogs, burgers, s’mores and ice cream sandwiches are ‘traditional’ in that they work brilliantly for BBQs and outdoor dining, more often than not it involves people bringing dishes that are traditional celebration foods in their household, community or country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of your background, heritage and how you’re influenced by this every day.⁠

“Telling the stories about what makes up ‘American Food’ is an immensely exciting task because our country has grown from immigration over its almost 250-year history. We must embrace this, and part of telling this story is looking at the produce that’s been available to people here. Dishes have been adapted over the years according to what they can grow, what’s seasonal, and what they can afford.” ⁠

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