Inside Appalachia (WV Public Radio): Chasing A Taste Memory

There’s something so special about treasured family recipes. They’re not just about the ingredients or the cooking process; they’re about memories, love, and that indescribable “taste of home”.⁠ Recently featured on Inside Appalachia, courtesy of WV Public Radio, Capri talks to Brenda Sandoval, about trying to recreate her grandmother’s traditional potato candy recipe. ⁠

“As you’re testing it, you’re trying to match it to what grandma’s was. That’s the flavor you got to try to find…which is hard to explain exactly what that taste is, but it’s definitely that Grandma’s House Christmas Eve taste.”⁠

Check it out here for a reminder of how food is more than just sustenance; it’s a bridge to our past and a connection to those we love. ⁠

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